The Footwheel

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You can manage tired, achy feet in seconds. Use standing or sitting but works best standing. The Foot Wheel is less than 5" long. One size fits all. It's made of nylon and steel - but only weighs 5 oz. The footWheel is a simple and effortless solution for the management of Plantar Fasciitis

  • Works best while standing – place FootWheel on carpet – weight on opposite foot.
  • The amount of pressure is always determined by the user.
  • Use the wheel to search and find myofasical trigger points … these areas may be tight, knotty, ropy or tender.
  • After locating the tender trigger point, continue the rolling process for about 30 seconds. Be Gentle!
  • Move slow & gentle with specific strokes – search & find useful pain, not “ouch” pain.
  • Chronic trigger points may initially require several 30 second sessions per day.
  • Your goal is a healthy muscle that is free of pain, tightness or tenderness